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Sunshiny Uzbekistan is rich in fresh and juicy fruits, vegetables and delicious dried fruits and nuts.

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Fruit and vegetable products grown in Uzbekistan meet the highest requirements and international quality standards.

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Vegetables and fruits from Uzbekistan will please you with a combination of flavor taste and pleasant prices.

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Why is it profitable to work with us?

reasonable wholesale prices, economical for customers

We do not use the services of exporters, we export our products.

operational reception, processing and execution of orders

The turnover of our goods is 3 times faster than the goods coming from foreign countries.

strict compliance with the rules of storage and transportation of products

You always on time will receive on time your goods, fresh and well packaged.


For over 10 years, our company has been specializing in the supply of natural products that are vital for residents of modern cities: fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, as well as processed products.

Our main mission is to supply products for restaurants and cafes, clubs and bars, canteens and food combines, rest homes and sanatoriums, supermarkets and hypermarkets .

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Contact Information

Uzbekistan, Tashkent city
         Afrosiab Street 23

+998 (90) 328-08-05